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With an M.A. in English, I’m not sure that I could ever escape the designation of literary nerd–nor would I necessarily want to. 

However, I have always been a nerd of many passions; I have had at least as many late-night gaming sessions as I have unending nights with good books, and a general interest in building has often led me toward carpentry and design. 

Throw in a healthy mix of Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, fantasy novels, and masculinity studies and you have one odd nerd–but a functional one.   I manage to hold down a full-time job in public policy, contribute to a wonderful marriage, and interact quite normally (for the most part) in social situations.

I’m also the father of two young boys, who have shaped my every day since they first came into the world.  While my original website focused entirely on my entertainment and intellectual pursuits, it was only a matter of time before my sons pushed their way in, and so “Dad Who Says N.I.” was born to give me a place to talk about being a Dad, celebrate a love of humour that I hope Monty Python would appreciate, and share anything else that comes to mind.

All are welcome here, and I think nerds, parents, and strangers of nearly all walks can find a category or a post to which they can relate.

So enjoy, engage, share, and expect a response.

Sean (The Nerd)


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