• Daddy Issues
  • Body Image Issues for a Middle-Age Man

    More amazing than the results of any 6-minute abs workout, or that “one easy trick that will….blah blah blah” are the potential effects of being a middle-aged dad (NB: Not a middle-ages dad…that would be something completely different, and would likely require much less rigorous attention to personal hygiene). Neither of my sons have been […]

  • Rants
  • Rape Culture and Other Crap People Spew

    I’m sorry.  Normally I’m not this ranty, honest.  Maybe it’s lack of sleep.  Maybe I just have to stay off of Huffington Post.  Whatever the root cause, another article had my hackles up this morning.  Entitled “Is Rape Culture Human Nature or Nurture,” which implies a much more intelligent premise than the article actually delivers, […]