Welcome to the World of Grug Smash

That’s it; you’ve arrived. Drop your bags, take load off. Put up your feet for a bit. You are now in the Nerd Incognito Universe.

The Grug Smash novels, Dicing with the Gods, Stealing From a Sorcerer , and the exciting conclusion Battling for the Heavens (Fall 2016), are the first novels written by Sean McKenzie (that’s me), and published by Nerd Incognito Press (spoiler alert: also me). They represent decades of distilled fantasy reading, and a lifetime honing a twisted sense of humour.


“But Sean,” I hear you asking, “how will I know when the second book is coming out?  And what can I do while I’m waiting? “


Excellent questions, both. The first is easy: join my mailing list, if you haven’t already. You will be the first to know about new and exciting things at Nerd Incognito, the vanguard of a rabid fan base (that may one day form), with all the precious information you need and desire.


Fortunately, the second is also easy, but depends on how far you want to descend down the rabbit hole.

While the Grug Smash series is the first set of NOVELS I’ve written, they are certainly not the first things I’ve written. I would encourage you to join my mailing list (see above) and gain access to an unpublished short story, offered just for subscribers. If you’re still eager to do some reading, you’re in luck; Nerd Incognito has existed as a website since 2012, and there’s lots of legacy content. At the top of the page, you’ll find a number of categories (Finer Things, Nerdgasm, Laugh at the World, Stiff Upper Lip) that will lead you to some of the earliest work Nerd Incognito had to offer. I particularly recommend Laugh at the World.  If you go over to blog, or choose from some of the blog categories on the right hand side of the page, you can delve into some of my Dad Blogging past (Daddy Issues), my literary critiques (Books), or my socio-political commentary (Rants).


Need help getting started?

If you’re looking for a laugh;

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer at heart;

If you’re a techy nerd;

If you just need to hear some complaining;

and finally,

If you’re wondering just who this pushy writer thinks he is.



Feel free to explore, kick the tires a bit, and have some nerdy laughs. That’s what Nerd Incognito is really about.


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