I Did a Thing! Battling for the Heavens is Now Live!

It’s been a long time coming. In fact, after finishing books one and two in under a year, it took over three years for me to finally get through the third and final novel in the Grug Smash trilogy.

For those of you that have been waiting on tenter-hooks ever since Stealing from a Sorcerer came out, you have my deepest apologies. “Life…uhhh…finds a way,” in the words of Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park. The part he missed was that it tends to find a way to eat your time and keep you busy–and that often means putting some projects on the back burner.

Nonetheless, you can now find Battling for the Heavens on Amazon, and I will be running promotions off an on for the first two books, Dicing with the Gods, and Stealing from a Sorcerer. Happy reading!