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  • The Canada 150 Conundrum – A Primer

    Canada is like a functional alcoholic, and being Canadian means living with one. Now that I’ve got what may be the most unpopular statement I’ve ever written out of the way, let me explain what I mean. The thing about a functional alcoholic is that they have two completely separate sides to them: the outward […]

  • A Quiet Moment
  • A Quiet Moment – #17

    It’s good to celebrate the small wins, but it can be difficult. We tend to focus on big goals, big achievements–and in the case of powerlifting, big lifts. Now don’t get me wrong: those things are certainly important. The problem is that they occur only infrequently, making it hard to keep motivated toward them. Celebrating […]

  • A Quiet Moment
  • A Quiet Moment – #16

    Does it matter whether you’re sick, tired, or just maxed out? My oldest son is just about through grade 1, and he’s the youngest in his grade. He has a late birthday, and we took our time deciding whether or not to put him into kindergarten early, or wait another year. In the end, it […]

  • A Quiet Moment
  • A Quiet Moment – #15

    Happy May the fourth, everyone, and may the fourth be with you! I haven’t shown my boys Star Wars yet. Six just seems too young, still, though I’m really itching to show him (at least) A New Hope. It’s a tough gig being a parent, and one of things I find difficult is finding that line […]

  • A Quiet Moment
  • A Quiet Moment – #14

    The time is at hand. The seething masses of vines shall rise from the soil, desperately grasping for the sunlight that has previously eluded them. Tubers will spawn from writhing white tentacles, patiently awaiting the arrival of my pitchfork (in the fall). It is time to plant potatoes. As happy as it makes me to […]

  • A Quiet Moment
  • A Quiet Moment – #13

    Sick kids, sick kids, sick kids. How I long for the days of healthy kids–those nostalgic days of sleeping and happiness, rather than sleeplessness and grumping. Our youngest has been down with a vile cold for the past four days, up enough times a night to bring back dread reminders of the Dark Days, when […]