A Quiet Moment – #15

Happy May the fourth, everyone, and may the fourth be with you!

I haven’t shown my boys Star Wars yet. Six just seems too young, still, though I’m really itching to show him (at least) A New Hope. It’s a tough gig being a parent, and one of things I find difficult is finding that line between all the awesome things you WANT to introduce them to, and what’s really appropriate for their age, and more importantly their maturity, level. My eldest is a pretty mature six year old, but that doesn’t mean that he’s ready for some of the things, like Star Wars, that I would love to introduce him to.

Some choices feel pretty obvious; clearly, he’s not ready to play many of the video games I play, such as the Witcher series, the Assassin’s Creed series, or Mechwarrior Online. Handily, there are other options available that also tickle my nostalgic side: he’s currently playing through a back catalogue of NES and SNES titles, with present favourites Super Mario World and Donkey Kong. Things get a bit more murky when it comes to movies, though. Many of the movies I watched as a kid probably weren’t really appropriate for my age level at the time. We also have to contend with occasional nightmares and insomnia if things are too odd or scary–including some of the characters from The Neverending Story II, most recently.

I watched the Dark Crystal as a kid. It freaks me out more now than it did then, but I can see that many of the characters might freak my son right out. Even beyond the realm of nightmares and general “weirdness” are the adult themes that need to be navigated, complicating what might otherwise be fairly straight-forward picks, such as The Princess Bride (he’s seen it; I’m not a monster, after all) or The Sandlot (not yet, Smalls). Sure, he’s a not a huge fan of all of them, and that’s fine–everyone has different tastes. That doesn’t make me any less eager to share these things that I have loved with him, nor does it make it any less difficult to decide when that right time is.


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