A Quiet Moment – #4


I’m going to tentatively say that spring is here–which is not always the case by mid-April in Saskatchewan. With spring, comes my return to cycling to work, even if I’m wrapped up in rain gear and a balaclava some mornings. Now on my second week of riding, my butt is more or less used to the bike seat again, my legs are getting used to that swollen feeling, and I’m reflecting on why biking works for me, as exercise.

Really, it’s the same reason any changes to diet or exercise work for me: I remove the other options. In the case of biking, I simply stop buying a bus pass. We’ve got a one-car family, and my wife handles shuttling the kids around, so she gets the car. That leaves me to take the bus during the colder months (which is when I get most of my writing done…) and bike when it’s warmer. If I don’t buy a bus pass, I really have no way home other than my bike–no matter how tired I might be. I have had the same sort of success with my change to what I eat. The morning is never a difficult time for me; I eat a little bit of eggs (which I like), or just have coffee. Lunch has always been a bit more of a struggle, but it’s controllable because I handle it the night before, making what will be my salad and snack for the day. Being on foot, it’s a great deal more inconvenient for me to go somewhere and buy something for lunch than it is to just eat what I’ve brought, and because I’m putting it together well in advance of when I’m going to eat it, I’m not tempted to put any junk in it. Removing options until the only path left is a successful one seems to be the way to go, for me.

The final variable is my lunch workout, which often gets done solely because I do enjoy powerlifting. Unfortunately, some days sleeping on the floor of my office seems a hell of a lot easier than going and doing squats, and convenience wins over desire there, too. You can’t win ’em all, I guess. How do you guys stay motivated for your workouts?


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