A Quiet Moment – #5

Another rainy spring day, another rainy ride to work. It all makes me think of one thing: I really need to get on starting my seeds. In particular, I’m late getting my tomatoes and peppers going (I usually grow 3 varieties of tomatoes, and both bell and jalapeno peppers each year–mostly for salsa making).

It’s funny how turns of the weather can prompt such immediate feelings in us. It’s not really surprising, I guess, given the importance weather has had for us as a species (you know, with the growing of crops and all), and continues to have for us (you know, with the growing of crops and all…). It is something wonderful, though, to think green thoughts on an otherwise grey day and to imagine that not too distant future where I will be digging my hands into the dirt of my garden and tending my plants, with my boys putzing alongside me.


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