A Quiet Moment – #8

One of the interesting things about returning to the gym at my age is the amount of issues that crop up. Since returning to powerlifting in August, I’ve had problems with a shoulder bursa, an inflamed brachialis, pain in the arch of my left foot, and now I seem to have developed a volar ganglion cyst–which is basically a very sore, round hard spot at the base of the wrist where I’ve pissed off a tendon. Now, none of things are enough to make me give up powerlifting entirely, but they do have me thinking a bit about what I might have to work into my training.

I’ve been slowly working my way through The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, mostly cherry picking names I know and then following references in those conversations to other podcasts that sound interesting. One of the episodes that I landed on was with a fellow from “Gymnastic Bodies,” who has his athletes focus on mobility training similar to the basic levels used by gymnasts. What was interesting about it was how it made me think about just how much mobility I have lost as I’ve gotten older–especially in my right shoulder, following a compound spiral fracture of my humerus about a decade ago. My ankles have to be pushed and prodded into a proper squat, and my wrists are no where near where they need to be for something like a proper front squat.

Until now, I’ve basically been content with that, and accepted that my mobility might decrease as I get older…but should I be content with that? If Gymnastic Bodies is to be believed: no. If it takes a year worth of extra floor work to get things back to where they should be, isn’t that worth it for decreased pain and chance of injury? I think it just might be…


Are there any inspiring podcasts that you listen to? Please do leave them in the comments–I can always use more!


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