A Quiet Moment – #9

I mentioned in my last quiet moment that I’m a listening of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast. One of the fairly random references I caught out of that podcast is Tim saying that sometimes he winds down by watching the first season of a show called River Cottage. Intrigued, I looked it up, and what I found was a show that has become a new obsession for my wife and me. River Cottage follows a British cook who moves out of the city and into the countryside to try living a more back-to-nature life. He grows his own produce, keeps his own animals, and forages for other bounties the land can provide. Then he cooks it all up in some rather fancy way.

Now, the cooking is not always my cup of tea, as it were, as British cuisine (like the Scottish) is often a little…odd…even for those that descend from the British Isles. However, the basic course of the show is so much of what I daydream of. In fact, the dreaming part has become a bit of a problem. The binge watching has led me to lose quality sleep while dreaming of difficulties getting my pig into its pen, rushing to get goods together for a farmers’ market, or the need to get my seeds planted. Still, every episode I watch reaffirms that I want to one day live in a place where such a life is possible–where perhaps I could keep a growing tunnel even in winter, and feed my family (or at least supplement them).

Is that too crazy a dream?


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