• A Quiet Moment
  • A Quiet Moment – #17

    It’s good to celebrate the small wins, but it can be difficult. We tend to focus on big goals, big achievements–and in the case of powerlifting, big lifts. Now don’t get me wrong: those things are certainly important. The problem is that they occur only infrequently, making it hard to keep motivated toward them. Celebrating […]

  • Daddy Issues
  • The Art of the Micro Workout

    Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m not talking about 8-minute abs. Not even a little. Nor am I talking about 7-minute abs; 6-minute abs are just insane–you can’t even get up a good sweat in 6 minutes.┬áNo, I’m talking about fitting real workouts into little spaces of time, which has become my […]