Thank You

You’ve done it. You’ve joined the Nerd Incognito Press mailing list. We are officially BFFs.


That was too fast, wasn’t it? Sorry, I’ll slow down a bit. Shoot for something less stalker-ish.


You have chosen to receive updates and information from Nerd Incognito, and for that I thank you. For my part, I promise not to spam you, and I promise to NEVER EVER sell your information, give it away, or put it on a T-shirt.  This is just between us.

I will also be sending you an exclusive short story, unpublished, and available only to my subscribers. Look for it in your mailbox soon!

Lastly, if there’s any feedback that you want to leave, or questions you want to ask, fire away! I’m available at


Thanks again, and you’ll hear from me soon!


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