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The Bureaucrat

“But what about the liability?” The plangent bellow reverberates through the conference room like a thunderbolt from the mighty Zeus; the senior bureaucrat has spoken. “Is it the right time for this? What about less expensive options?”

Decades of government experience fuse in the creation of a man focused upon the upkeep of the altar of his own position and empire. That painful ascension, the apotheosis to the senior management level, has torn asunder his desire to accomplish, replacing it with the kernel of fear as only gods can know it—a fear of failure with roots casting downward to the river Styx and with branches stretching forth to the foot of Olympus, paralyzing the all-to-mortal man.

But in his hearty, and like a shepherd with his flock, the bureaucrat cares for his own and will fight for them to the very precipice of any danger to himself—after that, they’re on their own.

And as the leaves ripen and fall, and the world descends into winter, the senior bureaucrat retreats to his cozy den, slipping quietly behind the wooden bulwark, covered with the shuffled and reshuffled bones of his craft, and awaits the spring budgeting process that will once again bring light to his darkened world.

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