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The Office Nerd

[Hinterland who’s who music] The office nerd is among the most colorful creatures to be found in the office biome. Though these often shy and introverted mammals are often quite slow to develop, they tend to become somewhat more vocal and social as they mature—particularly when found in groups.

The office nerd can be identified by its unique plumage or sarcastic, witty, or scientific t-shirts, and its calls: [star-wars], [lor-dof-da-rings], [star-trek], [kom-pyu-tors], and [vee-dee-oh-gams].

Both plumage and call will vary from one nerd family to the other, leading many scientists to hypothesize that there are actually numerous species of nerd with a common genus. This has been difficult to substantiate, however, as scientists have been unable to record a single instance of mating among the group; for all intents, and purposes, it appears that all reproduction must be done asexually, despite the occasional observation of a nerd with distinctly feminine qualities.

Friendly, eager to be of assistance, and yet almost completely incomprehensible, the office nerd is an important part of Canada’s corporate and government environment.

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